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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So, most recipe sites on the web have some sort of rating system -- usually a 4- or 5-star system (though some get a little cute with a number of forks or spoons, instead of stars) whereby individuals who have tried the recipe can rate the overall taste of the recipe. When we experiment with new dishes at home, we don't usually go to the trouble of giving it an "official" rating, but after nearly 12 years of marriage, I have managed to formalize my wife's food rating system:
  • equivalent of 1-star: "What were you trying to make?"

  • equivalent of 2-stars: "Did you make up this recipe?"

  • equivalent of 3-stars: "If you try this again, you might want to try changing..."

  • equivalent of 4-stars: "You can make this again."

  • equivalent of 5-stars: "You could make this for People."

In general, a 1-star or 2-star rating means we should never attempt to make this meal again. 3-star's will get attempted again with some modifications, and 4's and 5's tend to become mainstays.


Cathy said...

People should have a Capital P! And indeed, it is the Highest form of Praise!

Kathleen said...

LMAO! (When I was reading the ratings, I just kept picturing Cathy saying those things - hee-hee!)

Eric said...

My apologies for missing the 'P' -- I have corrected my post :)

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