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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today was Scouting Day at church -- all of the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girls Scouts that were members of our congregation wore their uniforms and filled the many worship volunteer roles today (ushers, deacons, acolytes, etc.).

Christopher spent most of the morning asking where Russell (from the movie Up) was. Clearly the scouts were all here to help people like Carl.

Then, a name resemblence caused him suddenly switch from one set of Disney characters to another. A Gentleman stands up to make a presentation near the end of the service...

Christopher: Who is that?
Me (whispering): That's Verne.
Christopher: What is Ferb going to do today?
Me (still whipsering): Not Ferb. Verne.
Christopher: Where's Phinneas?
Me (whispering sternly): His name is Verne, not Ferb.
[Verne introduces Butch to come forward]
Christopher: Is that Phinneas?

I couldn't reply because I was too busy trying not to laugh.

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