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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a Brick. House.

Between the craziness of the holidays, children in the hospital, and trying to squeeze in a little work on the inside of the new house, I haven't gotten around to writing about the exterior brick work that was complete a couple of weeks ago.

Special Delivery October 20: BRICKS!

October 21, Alexander Masonry began laying the first bricks for our house wrap, and had completed the rear of the garage by the end of the first day.

In less than a week, they had finished the entire back of the house.

About this time, Ernie tells me he is a little concerned that the front of the house might look at little too monotonous, since our house is so wide (huge), that's a lot of brick. He described a little pattern he could make around the windows and the doors to break of the monotony. After Cathy and I discuss is, we tell him to go ahead. The next day, he says he has several limestone blocks from a demolition they did this Spring. Since they've become hazards in his yard for kids playing around, he was going to just get rid of them, but then it occurred to him that they might look good strategically placed at the corners of our windows and doors. Since he was going to throw them out, he wouldn't charge us for the limestone.

I think the limestone accents turned out great (and you can't beat Free). They used our leftover roofing felt to spread out on the front porch to protect it while they worked.

About two and a half weeks from the start, they had finished the entire brickwork and cleaned up.

Ernie's crew did a beautiful job, and did it very efficiently. The entire house is wrapped in brick and ready to be trimmed, now for the much slower process of finishing the interior.
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