Instant American Crostini

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My wife has taken to getting a loaf of day-old bread from Jimmy John's whenever she gets lunch there. And why not? They sell a whole loaf of day-old bread for 25 cents. And it's great for toasting or dipping or whatnot. And with the way Samuel goes through bread, a whole loaf for 25 cents makes us all happy.

Last week we had a loaf laying around from the day before (so I guess at this point its two-day-old bread), and I'm rushing around as usual getting ready for work in the morning, when she announces that she made breakfast for me. Now, normally neither one of us really "makes" breakfast unless it is a weekend. The closest we come to a hot breakfast during the week is maybe a piece toast. But weekday morning breakfasts are typically just cereal or a snack bar or something.

She tells me it's in the toaster oven, and I discover this:

Now, granted, it is little more than toast -- but these American Cheese Crostini really hit the spot.

For those not familiar with "Crostini", they are usually small pieces of toasted or fried bread topped with some sort of savory topping, usually served as an appetizer (literal translation from Italian: "little crusts").

In this case, she sliced some nearly-stale bread, and threw them in the toaster oven with a quarter of a slice of processed American Cheese on top, and voila, Instant American Crostini.

Ok, so maybe its not the next great gourmet food, but its quick, cheap, easy, and tasty -- I mean, how can you go wrong with bread and cheese?

Smokeless Ashtray

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No, this is not a post about Randall Peltzer's malfunctioning fictional invention.

A few weeks ago, I ran in the IU Circle of Life mini-marathon in Bloomington. Since I was not travelling with the rest of the family, I stayed in the cheapest hotel I could find for the one night between Packet Pick-up and the Race. There was a "No Smoking" sign on the door, and a couple inside the room to re-emphasize that this was, in fact, a non-smoking room as I had requested.

In case those signs were not enough, this ashtray was in the room:

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