Aspirations 2010 Report Card

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back in January, I posted my Resolutions. For the details on what each Goal was, see the original post. This is where I grade myself on how well I did. I almost hate to post this, because its going to make for a lousy report card, but here it is.

Blogged Down: Well, I haven't even come close to posting once a week, having had several multi-week gaps between posts. I have posted 28 posts this year, giving me an average of 0.54 posts per week. I especially slacked on including technology-centric posts. And this only represented a slight increase from 2009.
Grade: D

On the House: Well, financing was a challenge in itself, but we did finally get a construction loan this summer, and were able to break ground in late August. We haven't finished yet, in fact we're still at least another 6-8 weeks away from being done. But looking at the wording of this Goal in the original post, I didn't actually state that we would finish the new house this year, so I can't call this a big failure.
Grade: B

Health Nuts: Well, up until this Autumn, we were on pace to stay under our medical deductible this year, then Christopher had some setbacks that resulted in a couple of ER visits, a brief stay in the hospital, and a procedure, and that was pretty much the end of the deductible.
Grade: F

Ramming Speed: As work began on the house, the amount of time (and energy) I had available to Run continued to diminish, so I fell short of all of my running goals --
Seeding: Still stuck in level 2.
3 Halves and 4 Fulls: Ran the IU Circle of Life Half Marathon, 500 festival Mini-Marathon, the Geist Half Marathon, and the Sunburst Marathon this spring, but only ran the Monumental Half Marathon this Fall. Making for a total of 4 Halves, but only 1 Full this year.
Half under 90: No joy here. All my times in 2010 got continually slower as the year progressed. My personal best, from 2009, still stands at just under 96 minutes.
Full under 3.5: I only ran the one Full marathon this year, and wasn't really in shape for it -- took me almost 5 hours.
Grade: D

Overall Grade: D

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