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Friday, May 8, 2009

updated 04.Aug.2010: New floor plan design supercedes this one.

Another step towards building our dream home -
We finally "completed" our pipe dream floor plan. I think we've spend about four months working on this, making sure it meets all of our Wants, and makes the best use of the lot (the lot is 132 feet wide). See bottom of the post for the floor plans and link to the pdf being used for bid requests. Here is a rendering of the exterior:

Yes, it's quite possible that after this gets turned into blueprints and we get a true cost estimate that it will be beyond our budget range, but we're starting with our dream and will pare down if necessary. We are hoping that between being our own general contractor, and doing some of the actual labor ourselves, we might get the cost into our range -- but only research and bids will tell us for sure.

Beginning today, I am sending this to multiple firms for bids on design and framing packages.

If anyone is interested, this pdf contains the full floor plan and elevations that I am sending out for bid -- in fact, if any other vendors happen to see this post and wish to bid on the design, engineering, and framing package, your bid will be given due consideration.

Main Floor
Second Floor
Full Plans and Elevations Here

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Tango911 said...

that thing looks like a mansion!! Good luck with the bids. Im your north neighbor. or will be in about a year. We prob wont break ground till next summer. But hopefully sooner.

take care,
steve h.

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