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Sunday, February 1, 2009

So, I've finally broken down and started a blog.

Yes, I know I'm arriving about five years late to the whole Social Web party -- you'd think I was geeky enough to have hopped on this train long before it left clarksville. Problem was, every time over the years that I planned on starting a blog, I'd start considering what "kind" of blog I should write: should I write one of those technical blogs like many of my collegues with lengthy diatribes on the benefits of the Boolean Anti-Binary Least-Square Approach? Should I write about the adventures of family life and fatherhood and struggling-to-fix-the-jiggling-toilet-handle problem? Since I'm involved in Brownsburg Politics, perhaps I should write a Political Blog? Since I've taken up Running, maybe I should have a blog about my trials and errors with training regimens and chafing problems and muscle pains? Now that I am the director of the Handbell Choir at our church, perhaps a blog centered around the fine art of handbell ringing would be just the thing?

The list would go on and on, depending on where I was at that point in my life, and what my major focuses were at the time. I would come to the conclusion that I needed to start like seven or eight different blogs for all the topics I wanted to cover. And of course, the thought of having to keep up with posting on so many different blogs was so daunting, that the whole project would just get shoved aside until I had "some free time".

So I am starting one (1) blog. Just one. One day you may see a funny story about something my son and I did. The next you may see a lengthy rant about something in Brownsburg Town Government. And then you might find a bunch of .Net Code posted asking if anyone knew how to apply the Abstract Geometric Strategic Command Adapter architectural design pattern.

But I promise to Label/Tag every post as accurately as possible. I have organized the layout so that Labels for the post appear immediately under the title, so you can quickly leave my blog if you find that my most recent post is a topic that is of no interest to you, and I have provided quick links on the left hand side to the most popularly used labels (yes, I know its kinda bare right now, there's only one label so far).

In the end, this whole thing may be about as useful and constructive as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie, but at least I can now hold my head up high because I have a blog too, just like the rest of the world.

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Cathy said...

Is it possible for you to get geekier? I look forward to finding out! You never fail to make me smile. Really, I think you've been unofficially maintaining blogs for a while, i.e. Chris's, though I was the one to do most of the talking, you were certainly doing the work!

Welcome to the Blogging World Baby!

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